Cheap memory cards

There are so many gadgets that use MicroSD cards these days that it always pays to have a few decent sized ones handy! Whether it be your phone, your camera, your gaming console or a myriad of other devices, it's always better to have too much storage than too little!

Now don't even thing about wandering down to your local electronics store to buy a SD cards - you will pay far too much. Once again, buying online is the way to go - but be careful - as there are a a number of sellers that offer prices too good to be true for very large storage sizes (i.e. 128gb cards for $1 or $2). Something that seeks too good to be true often is - as although these cards will show the right free space when slotted in, they will actually only hold a few gigabytes, with guaranteed errors and corrupted data to follow. Accordingly, it's always good to buy from reputable sellers and known brands.

Below are my recommendations for cheap memory cards: